Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I prepare for my window cleaning?

 A: We try to make the process as easy for you as possible! We only ask you to do a few things prior to our arrival: 

1. We ask for you to move items that are breakable, expensive, or irreplaceable (i.e. knick-knacks, family heirlooms, etc.) that may be in or around the windows as we can not be responsible for items that are damaged during the moving/cleaning process.  

2. Please pull your blinds/window treatments into the open/up position.  If you are unable to do so, we are happy to do it for you but we can not be held responsible if a blind string tears during the process of opening or closing it. 

3. If you have furniture that needs to be moved on hard wood floors we ask for you to either move the furniture before we arrive, or provide moving pads to ensure your floors are not damaged during the moving process.

Q: How do you handle Hard Water Stains / Built up Residue?

 A: Great question!  We do NOT use razor blades without homeowner consent!  Once upon a time, razor blades were actually a recommended method to remove tough residue by window manufacturers.  Roughly 10-15 years ago, glass "advanced" and due to changes in the the way glass is made, razor blades are strictly forbidden by nearly every window manufacturer.  So, how do we get the tough stuff off?  We have different options based upon different substances: 

- For hard water stains, we use vinegar and aggressively scrub the stained glass with a microfiber towel.  While vinegar is the most effective, 100% safe option, it doesn't always remove all of the staining.  If you know you will be home for the appointment and you know you have hard water stains, please know that vinegar is most effective when it is warmed up on the stove, mixed with water 50/50 and as hot as it can be comfortably handled.  We do not have a way to warm up vinegar in our trucks so please have it ready for us if you want the best results possible! 

- For construction residue/adhesives, we use Magic Erasers.  It takes a lot of scrubbing so there is an additional charge, however it is 100% safe and effective!

- Spray paint / paint over-spray is the toughest obstacle we face as vinegar doesn't work and Magic Erasers have limited effectiveness.  Sometimes, paint speckle needs to be removed with multiple cleanings as it will loosen up and flake off after repeated cleanings.

- For all of these tough items, a razor blade is always the most effective option.  However, since it is also the riskiest, we will not use a razor blade on your homes windows without discussing it with you and receiving your consent.  Many times, we will make suggestions that do not remove everything on the first clean, but will after repeated cleanings.  All of these tough items will at least improve, after repeated cleanings but a scratch is permanent!  Please call us with additional questions!  

Q: Are you insured and bonded?

 A: Yes!  We are insured to $1M per occurrence or $2M per year.  We are happy to provide proof of this upon request.  Please request this at least 2 days prior to your window cleaning so our insurance agent has enough time to provide you a certificate of insurance!  

Q: Do you clean windows in the rain?

 A: We monitor the weather closely so we can be prepared for inclement weather. We still clean in a light to medium rain, however if weather conditions become unsafe (i.e. high winds, lightning, heavy rain, etc), we may need to reschedule your window cleaning. It is a common myth that light rain causes dirty windows. What causes dirty windows is dirt on the glass combined with rain. When it dries, the moisture disappears but the dirt does not, leaving a water-spot. We offer a 72 hour rain guarantee meaning we will come back if water-spots appear. Water-spots usually will not appear unless there are high winds with the rain, the siding is really dirty, etc. 

Q: What is your rescheduling policy?

 A: We ask for at least 48 hours notice if you need to reschedule your window cleaning. We keep a very tight schedule and our day can become very stressful if there are last minute changes. If you are a repeat customer, we do not require you to be home for your window cleaning. All of our employees are background checked, and we would not hire them unless we trusted them in our own home without supervision!