Our 6 Step Window Cleaning Process:

The process we use is guaranteed not to scratch glass and will give you a beautiful streak-free window! 

Step 1- We start by giving the glass a nice aggressive scrub with a micro-fiber sponge. 

Step 2- We then use a micro-fiber towel to get the bug exoskeletons, bird droppings and stubborn dirt off the glass. 

Step 3- We sponge the glass up again to get all remaining dirt/debris.

Step 4- We use our wax-on and wax-off squeegee method to leave the glass with a streak free shine! 

Step 5- We detail the edges of the glass with a dry towel so that you don't have drips, marks, or soapy residue on the edges. 

Step 6- Lastly we wipe the sills while they are still wet to ensure we get as much dirt as possible! 

You won't believe how good your windows can look until after you see our work!

 Want an accurate idea of pricing before you contact us??? 

Well then, you came to the right place!  We would LOVE to talk with you (so call us with any questions or to schedule), but here is everything you need to know about our pricing:

First, you need to count your windows (It's easy!). Our pricing is based upon the number of panes (pieces) of glass on your home. The best way to count your window panes is to walk around the outside of your home (it's easy to forget the closet, bathroom or staircase window from the inside) and count each individual piece of glass. See the examples directly below:

Do you have the below types of windows instead?  We would still LOVE to clean them for you, but we will need to complete an on-site estimate before scheduling! 

After you count your panes, use the grid to get your price!

Squeegee Magic uses this pricing grid for all residential estimates. Prior to starting work Squeegee Magic will confirm the price for your window cleaning via a free written estimate.

Please note that the pricing grid does not include french pane windows, storm windows, or jalouise windows. There may be an additional charge for removal of storm windows, double pane glass and/or removable grids. These prices assume we clean ALL of the windows at your home.  If you are unsure what type of windows you have, please reach out to us to request your free written estimate. 

All In/Out cleanings include a complimentary wipe of your screens and window sills. Please note that our complimentary wipe usually gets about 80-95% of the dirt out. Detailing is available upon request for an additional charge.

Want us to stop by for an estimate? That is perfectly fine! You do not even need to be home for the estimate. We will stop by when we are in the area, walk around the outside of your home, and leave the estimate behind for you. If you would prefer to be home or want a call on the way, just let us know! Our goal is to make you happy!